Managing your online reviews is a hassle. It takes time to ask for reviews. How can you get 2x more reviews without the hassle? In this post, I’ll show you. Using the strategies below, you can get more reviews and manage reviews with less effort. When you get more reviews, your business grows. More people discover your business and buy from you.

In today’s digital world, reviews are more important than ever for small businesses. With the click of a button, potential customers can see what others have thought about a business before they even step foot in the door. Reviews help you attract new customers and grow your business. That’s why it’s so important for small businesses to monitor their online reviews and take steps to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback. By doing so, you can boost your chances of success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

1. Ask Every Customer to Leave a Review

One of the biggest reasons small businesses miss out on customer reviews is they simply don’t ask for them. This happens either because the owner/manager forgets to ask or they don’t have an easy way to ask. Whatever the reason, I think reviews are too important to your business for you not to ask for them.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix for this “not asking” problem: Make it easy to ask. If you manually ask your customers to leave a review, it’s time to eliminate that hassle. By making it easier to ask, you will get more reviews.

Integrate Your CRM With Review Management

Your business may use a CRM or POS system to manage your customer contact information. If you do, this is a great opportunity to make asking for reviews from every customer effortless. Integrate your CRM/POS with a review management solution like ReviewThread. Then, you will be able to send review requests to every one of your customers automatically. At ReviewThread, we can even set up this kind of review generation CRM integration for you, so you don’t have to get down in the weeds and mess with the technology.

Set up Review Request Campaigns

Get more reviews with email review requests

Review request campaigns are automated messages, send via email or SMS, that ask your customers to leave a review. By using automated messages that are already written, you can eliminate the hassle of asking for a review. Even if you don’t integrate your CRM, having review request campaigns will remove almost all of the manual work required to ask for a review. This doesn’t mean the requests won’t be personalized, however. They always should be. When we set up review request campaigns for businesses, we always make sure each message uses the customer’s first name. Personalized review requests help you boost your conversion rate and get more reviews.

With review request campaigns, you’ll never have to think of what to say when asking for a review, and you’ll present a professional, polished brand to your customers.

Online reviews provide customers with an insight into what it is like to work with or purchase from a company. Furthermore, reviews can help your business identify areas where you can improve. Asking every customer to leave a review is therefore essential for any business that wants to get more reviews.

2. Send Email AND Text Message Review Requests

Get more reviews with text message email review requests

Make it convenient for your customers to leave a review so you can get more reviews. This is why I recommend sending both email and text message review requests to your customers. Some customers may take action on the text message but ignore the email. Some may be the other way around. By sending both, you will increase your chances of getting the review. Adding another “touchpoint” to your review generation process helps you get more reviews.

3. Send Review Reminders

Review reminder

People forget to do things. We all do. Sending polite reminders will up your chances of your customers taking action to leave an online review for your business. I recommend sending your review reminders via email. Emails get buried behind new emails quickly. That’s not usually the case with texts, at least not to the same degree. Send a couple of reminders to your customers if they don’t take action to leave a review. 

You can do this manually by checking if your customers took action on your request, or you can automate the review reminder process using ReviewThread.

4. Make the Review Process Easy

Review funnel

Saying “leave us a review on Google!” as your customers are walking away barely counts as asking. If you don’t make it easy for your customers to take action on your review request, you are not going to see a good conversion rate. You won’t get as many reviews. 

To get 2x more reviews, tell them what you want (ask for a review) and show them how to give you what you want. Show them exactly where to go to leave a review. If you want to get reviews on Google and Facebook, give your customers links to those review sites. Pick one site or give customers the option to choose which site. I recommend you give customers a maximum of three review site options to choose from. A good “review site mix” is Google, Facebook, and one industry-specific review site.

At ReviewThread, we create “review funnels” for small businesses. These are landing pages that make it super easy for customers to take action and leave a review online.

Bonus tip: Give your customers a private feedback option. Not every customer is going to want to leave a public, online review. They might have something they want to say in private, directly to you (the owner/manager). A private feedback option helps you collect valuable customer experience information and improve your business.

5. Respond to Every Review

Businesses that respond to reviews are seen as 1.7x more trustworthy (compared to businesses that don’t respond). By taking the time to respond to all of your online reviews, you can show that you care about your customers and that you’re committed to providing the best possible customer experience. In addition, responding to positive reviews is a great way to show appreciation to loyal customers. Responding to online reviews can make a big difference in attracting new customers and keeping existing ones happy.

Here’s what Google says about responding to reviews:

Respond to reviews that users leave about your business. When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback.

Google Business Profile Help

If customers can see that you take the time to respond to each review, with a personalized and unique response, that will make them more likely to feel like their review will bed appreciated. Responding to reviews helps you attract more customers and get more reviews. Review response is the cherry on top of review management.

Get 2x More Reviews

Managing your online reviews is a hassle. It takes time to ask for reviews, but by implementing the five strategies we’ve gone through in this post, you will get more reviews for your business and spend less time asking for them. Find a repeatable review generation process that works and automate it. Make it easy for you to ask for reviews, easy for your customers to give reviews, and respond to reviews when you get them. That’s how you get 2x more reviews.

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