Review “moderation” is something every small business should take a moment to consider. This is probably the most unknown review management concept to small business owners. Review moderation is growing in importance as consumers, rightfully so, want more transparency, authenticity, and honesty in online reviews.

What Is Review Moderation?

Review moderation is about moderating which reviews you publish on your website and which you don’t, and making your reasoning clear through policies. If you aren’t displaying reviews on your website (publishing reviews on your website), we recommend you start. It’s an easy way to convert more website visitors into customers.

How to Create an Online Review Policy

Your online review policy is how you tell people how your business moderates reviews.

What to Say in Your Online Review Policy

Your online review policy should tell website visitors how you collect reviews and how you moderate reviews (how you decide which reviews to display on your website). It’s where you tell people the reasons why a review would not be shown on your website. Consider this your content policy for reviews. For example, Google provides a list of prohibited and restricted content for Google Maps.

Simply state the reasons why a review would not be shown on your website. For example:

  • Reviews that mention confidential information
  • Discriminatory content
  • Illegal content
  • Spam

Where to Put Your Online Review Policy

If you’re publishing reviews on your website, it’s a good idea to show your “online review policy” as well. We recommend you provide a link to your online review policy on the same page of your website that you are displaying reviews.

Website visitors will appreciate that your business is being proactive and transparent about moderating your online reviews.

Example Online Review Policy

To learn more about creating an online review policy for your business, click the button below to read a related support article from our help center. You can also read our online review policy to see an example.

Important: ReviewThread is not a legal firm and therefore you should check with your legal counsel before finalizing this policy.