If you want to get more reviews for your small business, get all hands on deck. At local businesses, it’s common for the owner or general manager to handle review management. As you’ll see, there are many opportunities to involve your team (managers, employees, staff, etc.) so they can help you grow your business with online reviews.

1. Train Your Team to Ask for Reviews

Show your team how to ask customers to leave a review. By giving them the “script,” they will have an easier time getting involved. Your team likely has other important responsibilities to take care of, so make this easy and give them the words to say, even if they are just suggestions.

Here’s an example:

Thank you for your business, Colin. Would you please take a moment to review your experience with us on Google?

You can also train your employees on your review generation process. For example, suppose you automatically send your customers a review request via email and text. In that case, your team members could simply give customers a heads up that they will be receiving a review request. This would add a more personal touch to your automated review generation process.

2. Give Your Team Review Cards

Review cards

If you want to have your team members actually ask for the review while customers are in your office or storefront, it’s essential that you give them the tools they need to make the review request effective. For the request to covert into a review, the process needs to be easy for both your team member and your customer. Review cards, or “review us” business cards make it easy to ask for reviews from customers in person. They also make it easy for your customers to leave a review. They simply scan a QR code or visit a short URL and leave a review.

We recommend going with a QR code on your cards, as customers have become accustomed to scanning them and they are more convenient for customers than a URL that they have to type. Include your logo on one side of the cards so they have a professional feel and reflect your branding.

3. Give Your Team Access to Your Review Management System

Review request form

If you’re using a solution like ReviewThread to manage your online reviews, there are likely tasks that your team can help you accomplish. For example, businesses use ReviewThread to send review requests, via email and text, to their new customers. We give businesses a few different ways to add their customers into our review generation system. Businesses can add customers to ReviewThread one at a time using a simple form, upload a customer list (spreadsheet), or connect one of their favorite business apps, like their CRM, to fully automate the review generation process. If your business is sending review requests via the “add customers one at a time” or “upload a list” route, or something similar, your team can help you do that. Your team can be the ones to add new customers to your review management system so review requests get sent out. A team member can send a review request to customers after they check out, schedule a follow-up appointment, receive their invoice, etc.

We know this method works because small businesses that use ReviewThread actually do this!

4. Set up a Review Kiosk

Review kiosk email

A review kiosk works especially well if your business doesn’t always collect customer contact information. You can set up an in-store or in-office kiosk, such as on an iPad or other tablet, where customers can opt-in to receive a review request. Then, your customers receive a review request and leave a review.

Alternatively, if your customers spend a good amount of time at your place of business, like in a waiting area or lobby, you could have customers actually write a review on your kiosk (tablet) and then provide their contact information. Then, you can email the customer’s review back to them with a request that they post it on online, one one of your preferred review sites.

Review sites tend to have rules against having your customers leave reviews from the same in-store device. Also, your customers will likely need to log in to their account on the review site to leave a review, like logging in to their Google account. Asking customers to log in to leave a review on your device presents privacy and security concerns. For example, what if a customer forgets to log out of their account? Thus, actually having your customers post an online review from your kiosk isn’t a good option. However, the two “review kiosk” strategies mentioned above–sending the customer a review request after they opt-in with their contact information, or sending them the review they wrote and asking them to post it online from their own device–still allow you to get reviews from customers who are in your office/store. And in both strategies, your customers leave an online review using their own device.

Where does your team fit into all of this? They can be the ones to ask customers to leave a review using the kiosk, as well as answer any questions that customers may have about the review process. ReviewThread offers a “kiosk mode” for small business review generation. If you want to know what your kiosk should look like, check out our support article on in-store review kiosks.

Your Team Will Help You Get More Reviews

Don’t do review management alone if you don’t have to. You have too much to benefit from by involving your team! Everyone at your business works in “customer service” in some capacity. That means reviews have to do with every person at your business. Get your team involved so you can get 5-star reviews more frequently and improve your online reputation.