One of the most effective ways to get more reviews is to ask for reviews over text. Text message review requests are convenient for you and your customers. In this post, we’ll show you what to say, how to make the review process as easy as possible for your customers, and how you can automate the review request process to save time and get more reviews.

Text Message Review Requests 101

A text message review request is exactly as it sounds–you ask a customer to leave a review by texting them. Text messages have the benefit of being both easy for you and easy for your customers. They are typically more convenient than verbal requests (e.g. “Review us on Google!”) because you can provide a link for the customer to leave a review.

Your customers are using their phones every day anyway (maybe more than they should be), so you know they’re likely to see the review request. Open rates for text messages exceed 90%, while emails are typically opened about 20% of the time.

What to Say in Your Text Message Review Request

Here’s a very simple template for a text message review request. Use this to ask for reviews over text and you will get more reviews. If you use ReviewThread, your text message review requests are already written and set up for you. Remember to keep the text short and sweet.

1. Start With a Personalized Greeting

Beginning of text message review request with a greeting and customer name

Use their name at the beginning of the text message. Example: “Hi, Colin.” By including your customer’s first name, they will feel more appreciated and they will be more likely to take the time to actually leave a review. It’s an easy way to boost your conversion rate when asking for reviews. Including the customer’s first name also helps the message seem less “automated.” Even if the message is automated, automation plus personalization is the best way to go.

2. Thank the Customer for Their Business

Thank you for your business message

The start of any good review request begins with gratitude. Example: “Thank you for choosing Caraline’s Coffee.” Thanking your customer for choosing your business sets your review request up for success. It helps introduce your “ask” in a natural, kind way. Even though you’re asking for a review over text, you want to think of it like the customer is right in front of you. Wouldn’t you thank the customer for their business before asking them to help you out? Of course! It’s polite, and by expressing your gratitude, you will increase your chances of the customer taking action to leave a glowing review for your business.

3. Ask for the Review

Text message asking a customer to leave a review

When asking for the review, make sure to keep your question as clear as possible. You don’t want your customer to get to this point and think “Wait, what do you want me to do?”. It should be very clear that you want them to take a moment to give your business a review. Here’s an example of how to ask for a review: “Would you take a moment to review your experience?”. Be polite, but also try to fit the voice of your brand. This is the most important part of the review request. It’s the call to action!

A text message with a link for a customer to leave a review

Without this part, the review request won’t make sense. The customer will read the request again and wonder if they missed something. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to great customer service. By making the review process as easy as possible for your customer, you’re showing them how you value their time and feedback.

There are two different links you can use for the customer to leave a review:

The first is a link to your “review funnel,” which we recommend. A review funnel is a landing page that your customers can use to submit feedback to your business, including online reviews. Your review funnel includes links to your listings on review sites, so customers can easily navigate to give you a review. It should also include a private feedback form, which customers can use to send feedback directly to you.

The second option is to link to one review site of your choosing. For example, you could use your Google Review Link.

Get more reviews with text message email review requests

To further customize the review request to fit your brand, send an image of your logo before you send the text with the review request. This will help customers feel more comfortable with your text message and let them know who the text is coming from. They will likely recognize your logo, which will make them more likely to take action on the request.

Even though you should say your business name in the actual text where you ask for a review, it’s a good idea to include your logo as well. It looks professional and helps customers quickly recognize who the text is coming from.

Automate the Review Request Process

Text messages are a great way to ask for reviews from your customers. They are convenient and have high open rates.

ReviewThread can help you get more reviews with email and text message campaigns. With our review generation solution, you can ask for reviews in less than 30 seconds. We automate the review request process for your business. All of your email and text message campaigns are already written for you so you can start generating reviews right away. You can even send reminders to customers who forget to take action on the review request.