Asking for reviews in person can be awkward for both you and your customers. ReviewThread now offers “review us” business cards. Simply hand out these cards to your customers in your office or store and get more reviews.

Each card includes your logo on one side and a QR code on the other side that your customers can scan to leave a review. The QR code side includes a clear call to action: “Scan to Review Us.”

Review Cards Use Cases

  • Keep them at your front desk area
  • Give them to customers as they are leaving your store
  • Attach them to receipts
  • Attach them to final paperwork for clients
  • Combine with a verbal request

Review cards take away the awkwardness and inconvenience of asking for reviews in person. Now, you can say “will you please leave us a review?” and give customers an easy way to do so. When it’s convenient for your customers to leave a review, you get more reviews.

We recommend combining review cards with other important review generation tools, like email and text message campaigns. The goal is to increase your conversion rate on review requests. Review cards are a new and easy way to get more reviews for your business.