Are you looking for ways to get reviews for your small business? If so, you’re in luck. There are a number of things you can do to get more reviews starting today. In this post, we’ll outline some of the best methods for generating customer reviews on the sites that matter most, like Google. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Focus on Reviews

Small businesses live and die by their local reputation. In previous generations, that meant word of mouth. If you had a great experience at a small business, you told your friends, and they told their friends, and so on. It was an organic way to grow a customer base. But in the modern age, with the rise of the internet, things have changed. Online reviews have become the new word of mouth, and they can make or break a small business. That’s why it’s so important for small businesses to get as many customer reviews as possible. 

When you get more reviews, you improve your chances of ranking high on Google, which makes it more likely that potential customers will find your business when they’re searching for goods or services in your area. And when potential customers find your business, there’s a better chance they’ll choose to do business with you. So if you’re running a small business, make sure you’re doing everything you can to get customer reviews. Your business will be better off for it in the long run.

1. Decide Where You Want to Get Reviews for Your Small Business

For small businesses and local businesses, Google is the king of reviews. We recommend that you get reviews for your small business on Google, Facebook, and one industry-specific review site (if you have a listing on one). See our post here for the key differences between Google reviews and Facebook “Recommendations.” Choosing review sites to focus on is the easy part of this process, but it’s vital if you want to successfully get reviews for your small business. We recommend Google and Facebook because it will improve your overall online reputation to get reviews for your small business on more than one review site.

2. Collect Customer Contact Information

If you aren’t already, start collecting customer email addresses and phone numbers. This is a smart business practice anyway, as email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and boost sales. Collecting customer contact information opens a lot of doors for you to get reviews for your small business.

ReviewThread offers an easy solution to collect customer contact information. We can help you set up a “kiosk” (like on an iPad or other tablet) for your office/store where customers can input their contact information. Then, after customers submit their contact information, they receive an email and text message asking them to leave a review for your business. More on that soon!

3. Email Your Customers to Ask for Reviews

Get more reviews with email review requests

Write a professional and concise email that asks your customers to leave a review for your business. Thank your customer for their business and invite them to review their experience. Provide a button or link that will take them to leave an online review.

4. Text Your Customers to Ask for Reviews

Text message review request

Ask for reviews via email and text to get a higher conversion rate. SMS open rates are significantly higher than email. In fact, SMS open rates are reported as being as high as 98%. By sending both an email and text message to your customers, you increase the chances that your request will be seen and that your customers will take action to leave a review.

Just like with your email, keep your text message short and concise. Limit your text message to 160 characters. Longer texts risk being broken up into multiple messages when you send them to customers. That may look confusing to your customers. Provide a link that your customers can use to leave a review.

5. Remind Customers Who Don’t Leave a Review

Review reminder

People forget. That’s it. People forget to do things all the time, every day. A customer may have had a great experience with your business and they want to give you an online review, but they just forgot to write the review or your email got buried in their inbox. Reminders help you get more reviews and they help your busy customers get a chance to review their experience.

Sending reminders will help you get reviews for your small business. It will also show your customers that you’re dedicated to collecting feedback and improving your business. We recommend that you send review reminders via email, rather than text. Text messages are more likely to stay visible in the customer’s inbox. Emails get lost. Fast. Wait a few days and if your customer didn’t leave a review, send a reminders. Then, wait a little longer and if they still haven’t left a review, send one last reminder.

Polite reminders are an often overlooked way to increase your conversion rate when trying to get reviews for your small business.

Bonus Tip: Set up a Review Landing Page

Review funnel

A review landing page or “review funnel” is a landing page that makes it easy for your customers to leave a review. When you make it easy, you get more reviews for your small business. It helps you direct your customers to your listings on review sites.

With a review landing page, you can give your customers options for where to review your business. Maybe your customer doesn’t have a Google account, so Facebook is a more convenient option for them. A review landing page helps customers navigate to the review site that works best for them.

You can also collect private feedback from customers using a review landing page. Doing so allows you to get valuable feedback from customers who don’t feel comfortable expressing their opinion publicly, online. Offering a private feedback option helps you improve your customer relationships.

Use ReviewThread to Get Reviews for Your Small Business

ReviewThread is a review management and review generation solution for small businesses. We help you get reviews for your small business effortlessly. Everything we’ve gone through in this post, ReviewThread can do for your business. ReviewThread automates the review process so you can get reviews for your small business without the hassle of writing “review request” emails, sending texts, sending review reminders, and making a landing page.