Review Generation Service

Increase sales and trust with more reviews

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Get reviews with email and text campaigns

Automate the process of asking for reviews with review request campaigns. Send personalized emails and texts with your branding. They’re proven to generate positive reviews.

Text message review request asking a customer to review their experience
Landing page where customers rate their experience with a business

Easy review process for your customers

Drive customers to your “review funnel”— a landing page that streamlines the review process and makes it quick and easy to leave a review.

Link to the review sites that matter most

Get positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and industry-specific sites. Provide links to the review sites of your choice.

Landing page asking customers to leave a review on google or facebook with a button for each review site option
Form for customers to leave direct (not public) feedback for a business

Collect valuable customer feedback*

Address negative feedback directly with your customers and improve your business.

*To adhere to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission guidelines and Google’s Terms of Service, review links are presented to all customers.

Send reminders to get even more reviews

Increase your conversion rate when asking for reviews with automated reminders. Your customers will receive a couple of polite email reminders if they don’t review your business.

Email sent to a customer reminding them to review their experience with the business
Report showing how many review requests a business has sent and how many requests converted into online reviews

See how our service is working for you

Receive a report each month to see how customers are interacting with your review request campaigns. How many campaigns did you send? How many customers left a review? Where did they leave a review? See all that and more.

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Review Management

Monitor reviews and have our team respond to the good ones.


Reputation Marketing

Automatically share reviews on your Facebook Page and website.


Review Cards

Get business cards that guide your customers to leave a review.

Frequently asked questions

What is review generation?

Review generation is the process of actively encouraging customer reviews for your business on online review sites. This can be done through sending email and text message campaigns.

What are the benefits of your review generation service?

There are many benefits to using our review generation service, including increased sales and conversions, improved local SEO, enhanced customer loyalty, and gathering valuable feedback. Positive reviews can help to increase sales and conversions by building trust and confidence with potential customers. Having more positive reviews can help your business rank higher in Google search results.

How many review reminders do you send?

By default, ReviewThread sends a maximum of two email reminders to customers who have not yet left a review. Customers stop receiving reminders after they click to go to a review site in your review funnel.

Which review sites does this work with?

Our review generation service works with the major review sites, Google and Facebook, as well as industry-specific review sites.

How do I get started with review generation service?

To get started with our review generation service, simply sign up for a free trial. Once you have signed up, we will set up your review request campaigns and review funnel for you. All you have to do after that is add customers to our system. You can add customers one at a time or import your customer list.

How much does review generation cost?

Our review generation service is subscription-based. We offer a variety of plans to choose from, so you can select the one that best fits your needs. See our pricing page for more information.

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