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We respond to your positive reviews so you don’t have to

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Save time with review response service

Our review generation service creates a good problem to have: You’ll have a lot more reviews to respond to! With ReviewThread, you can get an extra pair of hands. Have our team reply to positive reviews on Google and Facebook for you. We personalize every response so your customers feel seen and appreciated.

Response posted for a positive customer review on google by review response service
Reputation management software showing customer reviews and actions to share and respond to reviews

See your reviews and our responses

Get a review management dashboard for your business. See our review response service in action. From your dashboard, you can see all of your customer reviews and our responses.

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Review Cards

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Frequently asked questions

What is a review response service?

A review response service is a service that helps businesses respond to online reviews. It helps businesses save time, improve their online reputation, and increase customer satisfaction.

Why is it important to respond to online reviews?

Potential customers often read online reviews before deciding whether or not to patronize a business. Responding to online reviews shows potential customers that you care about their feedback and that you are committed to providing a good customer experience.

What are the benefits of using your review response service?

There are many benefits to using our review response service. Save time and hassle by having us take care of review responses for you Increase customer satisfaction by showing that you value customer feedback.

What platforms do you respond to reviews on?

We respond to reviews on Google and Facebook.

What types of reviews do you respond to?

We respond to positive reviews (four and five-star ratings) on Google and Facebook.

How much does your review response service cost?
Our review response service is priced on a monthly or annual basis. ReviewThread offers a variety of subscription plans for our online reputation management service. Review response service is packaged with additional reputation management features like review generation service. See our pricing page for more information on our available packages.
How do I get started with your review response service?
You can get started by upgrading to a plan that includes our review response service after your free trial of ReviewThread. During the free trial, we help your business get more reviews with our review generation service. After the trial, you have the opportunity to continue using ReviewThread and choose a plan that includes review response service.
How quckly do you respond to reviews?
We respond to new reviews within 1-2 business days.
Who responds to my reviews?

ReviewThread’s U.S.-based team (based in Cypress, Texas) will respond to your positive reviews on Google and Facebook. Our staff is trained on how to respond to online reviews, and we use AI to ensure personalized responses.

How do you personalize the review responses?
We personalize our review responses by using the reviewer’s name and addressing their specific feedback.

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